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March 27, 2018 Uninstall Guides ,

Tutorial: Uninstall EyeTV and Remove EyeConnect for Mac

EyeTV is a multimedia software developed by Elgato that allows your to watch, record, edit, timeshift and archive TV shows on Mac, while EyeConnect is a media server app that can share all your Mac’s video, TV, music and photo content with your TV or stereo.”

Not sure how to delete these Elgato software without trace left? No matter for any reason you choose to uninstall EyeTV and remove EyeConnect, make sure to get rid of all the components of the app from your Mac. Wondering how? Check out this post and learn the proper steps to uninstall both EyeTV and EyeConnect from macOS.

Manually uninstall app and delete leftovers

Well, there is a little different between uninstalling EyeTV and uninstalling EyeConnect, but we still would like to cover the process in the same section.

Step 1. deactivate EyeTV/EyeConnect

To quit the running EyeTV, right click on its icon in Dock, and choose Quit option (or press Command – Q keystroke in the active EyeTV interface to quickly quit this app).

uninstall EyeTV for Mac

To quit the running EyeConnect, head to the System Preferences pane from the Apple menu, click EyeConnect at the button, and then click Stop button to stop the app. You will be asked to enter the admin password to allow the change. And if the Stop button is grey, click the Lock icon at the bottom left corner, and enter your admin password.

How to uninstall EyeConnect for Mac (2)

Step 2. uninstall EyeTV/EyeConnect

To uninstall EyeTV, you can take the universal method that works on all versions of macOS/Mac OS X, i.e. trashing it from Applications folder. Here are the details:

  • Open up Finder, head to the /Applications folder, and locate EyeTV app.
  • Right click on the EyeTV icon, and choose Move to Trash option.
  • Head to the Trash, and delete EyeTV there to execute the uninstall.

uninstall EyeTV for Mac (3)

To uninstall EyeConnect, the aforementioned way could not work as the app does not show up in the /Applications folder. Elgato, the vendor of EyeConnect, provides a tool labeled EyeConnect on its website to help users get rid of this app.

  • Download EyeConnect, and locate it in Finder.
  • Double click to run this tool, and click Continue in the uninstall wizard.
  • Click Install button to start a standard uninstall, and then click Close to exit.

 How to uninstall EyeConnect for Mac (3)

Now back to the System Preferences pane to see if the EyeConnect icon still exist. If so, right click on it and then choose Remove EyeConnect Preference Pane.

Step 3. delete related files and folders

If you decide not to use EyeTV or EyeConnect anymore, you will need to go further deleting additional fils and folder installed by the unwanted app. Here’s how to do:

  • In a Finder window, click Go from the Menu bar, and choose Go to Folder.
  • Type ~/Library in the Go to Folder box, and hit Enter key to open up the folder.
  • Type the app name or the vendor name in Search Bar, and click Library below.
  • Select the items containing the name of app or its vendor, and delete them all.
  • Delete the matched items in /Library directory, and finally, Empty the Trash.

How to uninstall EyeConnect for Mac (1)

Question: how to save those troubles?

If you feel it complicated to follow all the manual steps to uninstall EyeTV and EyeConnect, the better choice is to run a comprehensive uninstaller to avoid the laborious work and manual risk. But which uninstall tool is more competitive and satisfactory for all-level users? Personally speaking, Osx Uninstaller is worth the try if you encounter uninstall issues.

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