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June 8, 2018 Productivity Software , , ,

How Could I Easily Uninstall Scratchboard on PC?

Scratchboard is a time-saving organizer that is designed to provide rapid access to your important information. Data is arranged in a “tree” structure, just like a hard drive. Text can be entered into each branch of the tree, and copied to the clipboard with a simple double-click. This makes Scratchboard perfect for quickly filling out forms. In addition to an arsenal of text editing tools, Scratchboard supports global search and replace, bookmarking, macros, spell checking, encryption, password protection, a skinnable interface, and much more. It’s time to stop using scraps of paper. It’s time to get organized with Scratchboard.


However, things can be tricky when uninstall Scratchboard on computer, because too many problems occur during the removal, I’ve already tied on many ways to remove Scratchboard, now I’ll give the most effective method to deal with it.

Uninstall Scratchboard with Control panel

In order to make sure you safely uninstall software on Windows system, follow the steps below to uninstall Scratchboard:

1.Firstly, reboot your computer to Safe Mode before you do anything, in case something happened during removal appropriately.

2. Secondly, make sure it is not running, that you can successfully get rid of. Launch the Task Manager in Windows to end task of Scratchboard.


3. Usually, most people like to launch Control panel / Programs and Features to run removal of installed programs on PC, then just easily locate on the target you want to remove, follow the removal reminder to delete it in the list.


4. Next, delete the related files / folders in This PC of your computer, uninstall Scratchboard in Control panel can only delete target’s icon, but the remained folders are still stored in hard drive, so it is required to clean up all leftovers.

 How Could I Easily Uninstall Scratchboard on PC?

5. Then, go to the Registry Editor to clean up all registry keys of Scratchboard, this might be a little bit complicated, because you need to correctly delete the target item related with Scratchboard, or it will lead to serious damage to your system. So, you’d better back up the Registry keys before doing cleaning.

find next

6. Not done yet, you might have to delete the hidden folders of Scratchboard to make sure no leftovers left behind. Click on Start and launch File Explorer and click on the “View” tab at the top, then you finally enable the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”, delete these hidden folders below:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Scratchboard
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Scratchboard

Not easy to get rid of Scratchboard, right? Don’t worry, after times’ trying, I found a new way to do it for everyone in every systems, I would like call it advanced method to uninstall Scratchboard.

Uninstall Scratchboard with advanced method

In this way, a new tool you must have to download and install on computer, after successfully registered it, then you’ll begin the smooth removal tour with only couple of clicks.

Same to quit Scratchboard before removal, whatever you use manual or auto, this step can be missed.

Now, take a quick look on the using instruction of BU to fast remove Scratchboard

1. First launch it and select the target you want to remove in the installed programs list and then hit the green button of Run Analysis to begin remove it;

step 1

2. Just wait for a second to let BU analysis Scratchboard, and then easily press Complete Uninstall button to continue;

3. Follow the uninstall direction to complete the auto process, Wait for a while until the Scan Leftovers button lights up, then click on it. Then, click on “Delete Leftovers” button to completely uninstall Scratchboard.

Have you learn enough to uninstall Scratchboard from PC with fast way? Don’t worry, there is a complete blog provided with detailed steps & picture for all of you, check it now:

Easy Guide—How to Uninstall Scratchboard 26.0

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