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August 3, 2018 App Promotion , ,

Apple Store Offers Obscura 2 Camera App for Free

Apple Store Offers Obscura 2 Camera App for Free

Are you a iPhone user and fan of photographing? If so, you may be interested in this news: Obscura 2 is currently available for free in a limited time through the official Apple Store app. In the App Store this app still charges for $5 for downloading.

Obscura 2 is an iPhone camera app published by independent developer Ben McCarthy. It was released two month ago as the next generation of the Obscura Camera. iPhone users can have advanced manual controls through its simple interface, such as changing the focus, exposure or ISO. In addition, Obscura 2 provides a bunch of filters to style photos and allows users to shoot and save images in RAW format.

“Obscura is still a paid up front app and we have no plans to change that. The promotion will run for about two months and during that time Obscura will still be available for purchase. Think of it as Apple offering out promo codes rather than as a sale,” said Ben McCarthy.

For the past days this app was almost never on discount, which makes the current promotion a decent deal to try using this app. The promotion is available till September 25in the regions that have the Apple Store app (note that it is not the native App Store app). Here’s how you can get a free copy of Obscura 2 for your iPhone:

  • If you have not installed Apple Store on your iPhone, launch the App Store, search for Apple Store, and download this app to your iPhone.
  • Open the Apple Store app, tap the Discover tab at the button of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the picture for Obscura 2, and tap the link “Download now for free”.
  • In the window that pops up, tap the blue button labeled “Download now for free”.

Apple Store Offers Obscura 2 Camera App for Free

  • Tap the Continue button to jump to the App Store app for the free redeem.
  • When prompted, enter your Apple ID password to make the confirmation.
  • Tap the Redeem button and then the Done button on the upper right corner.

If you are the first time to use Apple Store, you may be prompted to fill in some personal information, like your full name and phone number, for the verification.

The developer confirms in the release notes that the iPad support is coming soon.

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