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October 26, 2018 Mac Tricks , ,

Continuity Camera: Transfer Photos/Documents from Your iPhone to Mac

The latest macOS Mojave adds a new Continuity Camera feature, which allows users to quickly add photos and documents from iOS devices to Mac. If you have not tried this new functionality yet, read this post to know how to use the trick for your work.


First of all, to use Continuity Camera feature requires the following conditions:

  1. Your Mac is using macOS Mojave and your iOS device is using iOS 12.
  2. Your Mac and iOS device have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.
  3. Your Mac and iOS device are signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID that is using two-factor authentication.

Currently the Continuity Camera feature is supported in certain Mac apps, including Finder, Keynote 8.2, Mail, Messages, Notes, Numbers 5.2, Pages 7.2, and TextEdit.

So, how to take advantage of the Continuity Camera if you want to transfer photos shot by or documents scanned by your iOS device to the project on you Mac? To start with, make sure your devices meet the requirements above. Then open up a supported app on your Mac, right click (or control-click) in the document or window where you want the photo/document to appear, and choose “Import from iPhone or iPad” option.


  • To import a photo, choose “Take Photo” from the “Import from iPhone or iPad” menu. As your iOS device automatically launch camera app, you can tap the shutter button to take a photo, and then tap “Use Photo”.

The photo will appear in the project window on your Mac.

  • To import a document, choose “Scan Documents” from the “Import from iPhone or iPad” menu. As the camera app opens, place the document in the camera viewfinder on your iOS device, and the scan is processed automatically. You can also tap the shutter button to manually capture a scan and drag the corner to fit the page. After that, you could tap Keep Scan to add additional scans to the document, tap Retake if you want to scan it again, or tap Save when you are done with the scanning.

All the scans will appear as a PDF document in the document or window on your Mac. And note that the scanned documents will not be store on your iOS device.

If you have not updated your device to Mojave or iOS 12, you can use AirDrop feature to transfer files between Mac and iOS devices. More info can be found here.

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