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October 27, 2018 Uninstall Guides ,

How to Correctly Uninstall Affinity Photo from Your Mac

Can’t uninstall Affinity Photo by dragging it to the Trash? That’s a common problem that many Mac users encounter when trying to perform an uninstallation. If you run into problems in removing Affinity Photo or other apps, this post could help you out.

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What is Affinity Photo? It is a professional-level image editing software developed by Serif, an alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop and available for Mac, iOS and Windows.

Why some users report that they cannot drag the app icon to the Trash to uninstall Affinity Photo for Mac? That’s mostly because the app is still active on the system. And the fix is quite simple: to shut down Affinity Photo before trashing the icon.

In macOS/ Mac OS X, you have multiple options to (force) quit an app:

(1) Right click on the app icon appearing in the Dock and choose Quit
(2) Click the app from the Menu Bar and choose Quit [app name]
(3) Launch Activity Monitor, type the app name in the search box, select any process pertaining to the target app, click X on the upper left corner, and click Quit button
(4) Press the Option – Command – Esc keys combination to bring up the Quit Applications window, then select the app in the list and click Force Quit button

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After deactivating Affinity Photo, you still have 3 options to remove this app:

1. Uninstall Affinity Photo in Applications folder

  • Open up Finder and head to the Applications folder from sidebar or Go menu
  • Locate Adobe Acrobat Reader, right click on it and choose Move to Trash
  • Open up Trash, right click on Affinity Photo, and choose Delete Permanently
  • Click the Delete button in the pop-up dialog to execute the final uninstall

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2. Uninstall Affinity Photo through the Launchpad

  • Head to the Launchpad, and search for Affinity Photo
  • Press and hold the app icon until it starts to jiggle
  • Click the X icon appearing in the upper left corner of the icon
  • Click Delete button in the pop-up dialog to confirm the uninstall

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3. Uninstall Affinity Photo by using Osx Uninstaller

  • Download and install Osx Uninstaller from the official site
  • Launch Osx Uninstaller, select Affinity Photo and click Run Analysis button
  • Click Complete Uninstall, and then click Yes to execute the uninstall
  • Click on Back to Interface button to re-scan your Mac, and then close OU

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To be brief, the first option allows you to manually remove most third party apps in all versions of macOS/Mac OS X, but it may fail to remove those stubborn or malicious apps. The second one only works when the app is installed through the Mac App Store, so it cannot be used to remove apps installed from the package file. As for the third option, it might be the most time-saving and convenient solution when you need to uninstall apps in batches or encounter troubles during the removal task.

There is another advantage of using Osx Uninstaller to remove Affinity Photo: you don’t need to worry about the app leftovers. This handy tool not only remove the app you select, but also delete any components hidden in the system folder, to ensure a complete uninstall. Otherwise, you may need to manually delete Affinity Photo traces.

Still don’t know how to detect app remnants on your Mac? A little trick is to utilize the Search feature in Finder. First of all you can head to the hidden ~/Library folder by holding Options key and choosing Go > Library from the menu bar. The second step is to type Affinity Photo in the search box, and click Library below to specify the search result in this folder. The last step is to identify and delete related items there.

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