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January 2, 2019 Microsoft, Windows Operating System ,

Windows 10 is Overtaking Windows 7 as the Largest Desktop System in the World

Windows 10 is rapidly becoming the world’s largest desktop operating system. Windows 10 now it’s getting further developed, and its global market share is very close to Windows 7, and it’s going to overtake it predictably at the end of this year, according to the latest data released by NetMarketShare.

 Windows 10 is Overtaking Windows 7 as the Largest Desktop System

Well, it is good news and also bad news for Microsoft, with Windows 10 continuing to grow in popularity, while its Edge browser continues to be ignored by most users.

In case you don’t know this Company: Netmarketshare is a company that monitors which operating systems and web browsers are used on the internet, giving us a good idea of the kind of market share the software enjoys.

The statistics from Netmarketshare indicate that Windows 10 might be overtaking Windows 7 earlier by the year-end of 2018. Moreover, according to November’s numbers, Windows 10 was installed on 38.14% of PCs, while Windows 7 use dropped to 38.89%, which show the gap is getting smaller and smaller.

That is to say, 0.46% of Windows 7 users now upgrade to Windows 10, which makes the usets number of Windows 10 is extremely close to the top on the world. The number of users is going to upgrade to Windows 10 is expected to increase significantly, due to Microsoft relaunches Windows 10 version 1809 with many new features and security upgrades.

However, the current older version upgraded to Windows 10 is still slow, but Windows 10 is expected to replace Windows 7 as a global desktop market leader in the new year.

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