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Want to open your computer file a bit faster? There is how

What do you know about compression feature of Windows? This feature helps you to compress file and force them to occupy a smaller space in the hard drive but leave, but it will keep the compressed file stay in their native format. This technology is widely use in Windows OS, and we found that using NTFS compression not only save your computer drive space but also increase your hard drive performance. Here I’ll show you how to compress file and directory to let you gain better system performance, especially file open speed. (FYI: this method is not feasible with SSD drive computer)

To experience the maximum performance increase, you’ll need to compress the following directories:

• Users (Documents and Settings in Windows XP)
• Program Files
• Program Data (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
• Windows
• All your .exe and .dll files

NTFS file compression is done through the Command Prompt with a simple command: compact /c /s /i. Before you open the Command Prompt, make sure that you are logged in as administrator.

OK, let’s get started!

1. Click on Start, type cmd in the Search box (Run box in Windows XP) and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

2. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, type CD \Users and press Enter to change the directory. If you are on Windows XP, type CD \Documents and Settings and press Enter. Continue reading →

November 11, 2014 IT News

Software uninstallation on Windos8 system

In Win8 system, it’s more convenient and more compact to uninstall the program or software compared to Win7 and XP system, where we can not only uninstall the program in the traditional interface, in the third-party, even we can also uninstall in the Metro interface, below I share some Win8 uninstallers.

Tools / materials:
Laptop, windows8.1 system

Method 1
1. First, we enter to control panel, find “Programs and Features”, double-click to enter, then we can see the programs has been installed, you can double-click to uninstall whatever you want. You can also right-click the pop-up “program Uninstall / Change” and then uninstall it.

2. Right-click “Win icon” in the lower left corner, computer information will pop up, where we can see the “Control Panel”, click to enter. In the lower left corner of the control panel we can see the “Programs / uninstall”, click on “Uninstall a program” below the “Programs” to enter into the “Uninstall or change program.” Find the program you want to uninstall, double-click or right-click to uninstall in the “program Uninstall / Change”.

3.Of course, we can mouse over the desktop right corner “Charm Toolbar”, down to select the device. Here we can also find the same control panel.

Method 2
Third-party software to uninstall program is actually the best way which is way more convenient and fast. Today’s computer security guards basically have the uninstaller feature with various classification includes software name, software size, installation path and usage.

Method 3
Use Metro application to uninstall. Not only the .exe program we installed can be found in Metro application, also a visual program to uninstall option. In the program you want to uninstall bar you can seen “Program Uninstall”, choose Uninstall a program, pop-up “User Account Control”, confirm the program, uninstall it.
But part of the program at Metro applications did not have the corresponding uninstall option, then how to uninstall it? Let’s just find the one we want to remove,right-click it, at the bottom there will be a pop up of uninstall option, we can click to uninstall it then.

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November 7, 2014 Computer Knowledge, How-to-Guides

8 tips to prevent computer crashes


1. DO NOT use those origin-unknown soft disk and CD-ROM, for software attached in E-mail, use KV300 or Rising or any other anti-virus software to check before you download it, so if you careless about virus daily protection, after infection, it’s definitely a system crash waiting for you.

2. When the application software is not finished properly, do not turn off the power, otherwise it will cause the system files corrupted or missing, even more, causing the automatic start or crash when running. it is extremely important for Windows98 / 2000 / NT these system. Continue reading →

October 27, 2014 PC how-to

Hope is nice, prevention is nicer

The Best Ways to Back Up Your Data


There are a lot of things that can make your computer slow. Some of them are pretty harmless, but some have the potential to ruin your PC. I’m talking about things like hardware faults and virus attacks. And some of the incorrectly applied speed-up techniques, especially registry hacks, can also kill your PC. I bet you’re thinking that it won’t happen to you because you have good hardware, the “right” drivers, and a good anti-virus. And I bet you are careful when it comes to tweaking. It’s good that you are so confident, but I can tell you that the “Nah, it won’t happen to me” attitude is no good. Because one day it will. Are you comfortable about losing all your files, photos, music, videos and all your programs, including the ones you paid for? No? Well, then you should start backing up your computer today.

Continue reading →

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Accelerate Computer Startup Guide

One of my previous post has mentioned how to speed up Windows startup, well, here is another tips to help you make your PC boot even faster. Normally, computer users need to wait for 30 seconds during the system startup to allow the operating system being loaded (If your computer startup takes far more than 30 seconds, you may need to clean up Windows registry first), actually you can make this 30 seconds wait much shorter like around 5-7 seconds, see the howto below:

For Windows 7 users

  • Find out Computer icon, right click on it and select Properties.


  • Click Advanced System Settings in the section of Tasks.

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October 20, 2014 Computer Knowledge, How-to-Guides

How to create an email group


To mail more than one person, you only have to enter all recipients in the Cc: or Bcc: field of your message. Only? Easy once and for five people, maintaining group communication that way quickly becomes complicated. Fortunately, group email services exist that make it all a snap.

Often, you want to send e-mail to more than one person – for example, all the folks on your Jokes, Sappy Stories, Family, or whatever lists. By creating a group, you can save yourself some time spent typing all those addresses over and over.

To create a group, follow these steps:

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The way to install and register the DLL file

When you run the program or game, the system displays the error message “Can not find wininet.dll”, or “can not found wininet.dll”, it indicates that your system missed dll file or the dll file is not registered, you need to download the dll files and unzip it into the appropriate directory and register it. In most occasion, DLL files can be good  looked after and fixed if there is any error massage via a easy breezy “nurse”. So if you’re a DIY fan, how to manually install and register it? Continue reading →

October 14, 2014 PC how-to

Microsoft introduced a new hardware accessories: wireless Miracast receiver


Microsoft today announced a new hardware accessories: Wireless Display Adapter, (or called Miracast receiver), which it can wirelessly put the whole picture on computer, tablet, phone to big screen by Miracast technology once connected to the HDMI TV or on the screen.

This accessory supports Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Android 4.2.1 and above systems equipment which are compatible with Miracast, also supports Surface 2 but does not support the Surface RT, Microsoft will launch supporting applications in the Windows applications store. Continue reading →

September 28, 2014 IT News compromised to serve malware via drive-by download

Update, update and update again so you can less the chance of being hacked, being attacked. Keeping learning, never stop. As for Java-based stuff, again, here, remove it for security if you just do not have to need it to operate your own stuff, operating system, server and the likes. Or, switch Java and use other better solutions. Continue reading →

September 24, 2014 IT News

Apple Pay would lead a new payment revolution

Apple held a Apple new product conference in the United States Tino Cooper City Flint Theatre. The the protagonists of this conference is the two iPhone 6 and Apple Watch smart watches. After watching the conference some Apple fans start jokes that after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s surprise given less and less. Some people think the biggest highlight of the conference is the NFC-based Apple Pay mobile payment capabilities, this new kind of payment method is expected to have some impact to the traditional method of payment, and usher in a new era of mobile payments. Continue reading →

September 15, 2014 IT News