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How to Install, Use and Uninstall Kodi on Mac


Kodi is a open source media player that available for many systems and devices, also including the Mac OS X, it can be used to view and stream media content, and even access to the Live TV(with its add-ons). If you are relatively new to Mac computer and Kodi, the following instructions will tell you how to install, use, and uninstall Kodi on the Mac computer. Continue reading →

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Microsoft Edge Will Soon Block Adobe Flash by Default

Microsoft Edge Will Soon Block Adobe Flash Content by Default

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the Edge browser will start blocking Adobe Flash content automatically in the coming Windows 10 Creators Update. Users will need to manually enable Adobe Flash content to load on web pages, and Edge will ask users to activate the Flash plug-in every time before loading a certain web page.

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Pebble valuation shrank to $40 million from $700 million

It is reported that Fitbit will acquired Pebble, the founder of smart watch.


VentureBeat reported that the acquisition amount of Pebble is between $34 million and $40 million. The valuation of Pebble shrank a lot.

Fitbit and Pebble did not confirm the news of acquisition yet. It is said that Fitbit will take over the intellectual property and other technical reserves concerning smart watch from Pebble. This acquisition may help Fitbit to explore in other production lines.

CNET reported that the overall smart watch market shrinks fast as expected. Smart Watch was considered as the next mainstream after the release of smart phone. Venture capital firms and startups started exploring in this industry. However, the statistics and development of smart watch in the past few years showed that the need of wearable devices was not as huge as manufacturers expected.

Apple Watch did not sell well as expected in the past quarters. It failed to become a redefined product after iPhone and iPad. Smart watch shares similar functions with smart phone which seems to negative for its promising.

Pebble was considered as the founder in smart watch industry.It launched products two years earlier than Apple. It raised money through Kickstarter platform in the beginning. Pebble released several series of smart watch devices since its establishment. However, its sales scale and competitiveness were relatively weak.

In March, Pebble announced to cut 25% of workforce. Its smart watches were cheaper compared with Apple Watches. Some senior officer revealed that it only sold about 1 million smart watches in total since the products release.

Pebble failed to consolidate its dominant leading position in smart watch though it released smart watch eariler. WIth the release of Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Pebble made itself in a difficult position.

Fitbit became a listed company last year, whose share price increased by 66.6% then. However, its share droped sharply a few months later. Its current share price is down to about $8.

Will Fitbit revive its performance and share price through the acquisition of Pebble is unknown yet.

December 2, 2016 IT News

Uninstall uTorrent/μTorrent Tips for Common Mac Users

uninstall uTorrent

For many uTorrent users, it has been a headache for them to remove this app on their Macs, some are unable to remove it on the trash, and some others just continue to be annoyed by the app after uninstall, so, how could be a good way to uninstall uTorrent in OS X? Here are some useful tips you can refer to.

μTorrent, some body may call it uTorrent, it is a free BitTorrent client available for Mac OS X that can help the user to search for and download torrents directly from the software interface. As a popular app online with a miniature size, many people would like to install it and use for a try, but the problem just come out when you are not satisfied with the application or need to remove it for other reasons, because many people don’t know what’s the exact way to uninstall uTorrent completely on Mac. And you can also check the specific removal guides at this post: Simple Steps to Fully Remove µTorrent from Mac. Continue reading →

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GoPro Announces to Recall Karma Drone for Its Performance Issue


“GoPro Announces to Recall Karma Drone for Its Performance Issue”

Gopro is conducting the recall of Karma drone, which was released on the market about half a month ago, as it has confirmed that there is a performance issue related to the power loss of Karma units during operation. The company stressed that all sold Karma drone are required to recall even if some of them appear to be working fine. The recall is for Karma drone only, and customers can return it for a full refund.

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Groupon suffered $ 38 million deficit in Q3 and acquired LivnigSocial

Groupon, US group purchase founder, announced its Q3 2016 earnings by September 30 on Wednesday. The earnings showed that Groupon’s revenue in Q3 reached $720.5 million, increased by 1% from $713.6 million yoy. It posted the net deficiency to common shareholders of $ 38 million, compared by $27.6 million on the same period in last year. Groupon addressed that it signed agreements with LivingSocial that Groupon would acquire all its tradable shares.


The Gross billings of Groupon in Q3 declined by 2% yoy, up to $ 1.43 billion while it was $ 1.47 billion last year. Excluding the affect of exchange rate fluctuation, its worldwide gross billings declined by 1%, while North American increased by 6% yoy.The gross billings from European, Middle East and EMEA regions declined by 1% yoy, from which other regions around the world declined by 24%.

Its revenue in Q3 was $ 720.5 million, increased by 1% yoy.Factoring out fluctuating exchange rates, Groupon obtained 2% increase in revenue in Q3. Its revenue in North Aermcia increased by 4% yoy in Q3.While revenue of Europe, Middle East and EMEA declined by 1%, and 19% decline to other regions of its global markets.

Groupon suffered a 5% decline of worldwide selling items in Q3, down to 49 million. While the selling items in North America increased by 45 yoy.

The billings of North Amercia increased by 10% in Q3. Its active users also increased by 1.2 million. Groupon already obtained 29.1 million active users in North Amercia by September 30, 2016.

Groupon quit some oversea markets, reducing to 15 markets. It still had 27 markets last in Q2. It planed to quit some more markets in the near future.

Groupon signed agreements with LivingSocial on October 24 that it would acquire all latter’s tradable shares. This deal will be complished by the beginning of November,2016.

LivingSocial was the major rival of Groupon in North America e-commerce platforms. LivingSocial’s value of assessment once reached $ 6 billion when it financed in 2011. In March, LivingSocial announced to cut half of its workforce.

LivingSocial transfterred its business focus to discout service in hotel and credit business. Acquiring LivingSocial would help Groupon to obtain more users as LivingSocial offers service for local merchants.

October 28, 2016 IT News

Total Uninstaller Review: Lightweight, Reliable & Efficient Removal Tool

Total Uninstaller

Many Windows users, when they are stuck into uninstall problems, are wondering if there is an all-in-one uninstall tool to help solve those issues. I used to be one of them, but now I find a way out and I benefit a lot form it. So here I want to share my experience of uninstalling programs using a reputed tool known as Total Uninstaller.

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macOS Sierra: Add Widgets to Notification Center with Siri


Apple’s Notification Center displays an overview of alerts from apps and helps users keep track of various information about the day. You recent app notification are listed in the Notifications tab, while the widgets (such as your Calendar, Weather and Reminders) in the Today tab will provide a focused view of particular topics.

To open up Notification Center, click on its icon in the menu bar, or swipe left with two fingers form the right edge of your trackpad. You can click to switch between the tabs of Today and Notifications. To customize the notification, click the Notifications preferences icon in the bottom-right corner of Notification Center. To add, remove or rearrange available widgets, click the Edit button at the bottom of Today view.

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How to Reveal and Copy A File Path on Mac OS


On some occasions we might need to copy the full path of a file, folder, application or anything else, but since Finder does not have an address bar, how can we reveal a file’s location path? Well, there are several ways to copy the full path of an item.

To reveal the path of a file, you can search the file in Spotlight, and hold Option + Command keys when hover your mouse over the matched search result. The path will appear in the file’s Get Info dialog. But to copy the path, you need to try other options.

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Top 5 Web Development Courses, Become Professional Web Developer Easily

Are you interested in learning web development skills and becoming a high-paid web developer through online courses in your spare time? Have you been trying to learn to build websites and real mobile apps but failed? You are here because you are wishing to explore an effective way to help you become a professional web developer. As known, there are a lot of online courses available for anyone to learn about coding. But, how can you enroll a course that is perfect for you? Don’t worry, if you are interested in web development, then the following best-selling and highest-rated courses are highly recommended. Refer to more details about these top-rated web developer courses as following: Continue reading →

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