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How to Easily Split PDF Files on Your Mac

The Preview app that comes with mac OS is a handy yet powerful image and PDF viewer. You can open multiple files in one Preview window, or manage PDF files with it. If you have a PDF file that contains a lot of pages but what you need to only a couple of them, what can you do to get the desire pages? Today I would like to share the trick about how to split PDF files into separate documents in this built-in app.


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September 22, 2016 Mac Tricks ,

Are bigger screen phones more popular?

Qutoed from reporting data of Slice Intelligence, TNW claimed that the iPhone 7 5.5-inch edition is more popular than its 4.7-inch edition. There were about 55% customers ordered iPhone 7 Plus, while iPhone 7 orders accounted for 45%.


When iPhone 6 series were released, the smaller screen one was more popular. The ratio of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was 65 to 35. When it came to iPhone 6s series, the ratio was 59: 41 which was close to even.

The source of Slice Intelligence was from 4 million pre-orders of iPhone 7 made by American customers, including feedback of store staff and questionnaire. While the Chinese customers details are excluded.

Apple confirmed this questionnaire on its official website as well. Maybe you think the design of iPhone 7 Plus camera is not as excellent as iPhone 7. The fact is that iPhone 7 Plus is sold faster than iPhone 7.

Trudy Muller, spokesman of Apple, stated the first round iPhone 7 Plus devices were out of stock worldwide, including all colors of modules. In the meanwhile, shiny black iPhone 7 was out of stock as well.

Trudy Muller expressed the gratitude to its fans. They will do their best to help customers get their new iPhones.

Regarding the storage, Slice Intelligence figured out 67% of customers chose 128 GB edition,14% of customers chose 32GB edition and 19% of them chose brand-new 256GB edition.

It becomes a tendency to make bigger screen phones. Some media pointed out big screen phones are popular in China, Japan and South Korea, while European customers are keen on smaller screen phones.

DeviceAtlas did a search concerning mobile users in United States and some European contries, it found that 4.7 inch phone are the most popular size in United States, Italy and Spain. While customers in Indonesia and some merging countries prefer to use 5-inch or bigger phones.

September 18, 2016 IT News

Uninstall/Update Avast to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update BSOD


If you are an Avast user, you might encounter the issue of Blue Screen of Death when upgrade your computer to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Many Avast users report that their PCs will crash with a “system thread exception not handled” error when Windows 10 AU is installed. They also mentioned that after uninstalling Avast, they will be able to install Windows 10 Anniversary Update successfully without getting BSOD again. If Avast users do want to upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, they need to uninstall Avast products on the PCs – that’s the only option at that time.


“When the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was combined with our aswvmm.sys driver on an Intel CPU from the Skylake family with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) enabled in the BIOS, the update resulted in a BSOD.” Latter on Avast explained this issue in its forum. It could also happen “during the clean installations of Avast Antivirus on systems already running the Anniversary Update”.

Now Avast has patched its software and released an emergency update to fix the issue. The affected products include Avast 12.1.2272, 2016.11.2.2262, 2016.11.1.2253, Avast for Business 12.1.2512, 11.2.2511. All these versions should be patched to prevent and fix BSOD. Users should perform the installations using online installer with an internet connection. The offline installer will be update latter, Avast adds.

As anyone using Avast Antivirus on a PC with Intel Skylake CPUs with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) enabled in the BIOS may be affected, they are strongly recommended to repair/update Avast Antivirus software before applying the Windows update. To repair and reset Avast 2016, you need to access the Avast Setup Wizard from Control Panel, and then select the option Repair to start the process. To resolve the BSOD issue, you can go with these three steps: first is to fully uninstall Avast in Windows Safe Mode; second, run the Windows 10 Anniversary update in the normal mode; and the last is to reinstall packed Avast using the online installer.

August 8, 2016 IT News , ,

Boycott failed: Russian VimpelCom resells Samsung products again

With the great demand on Samsung Galaxy S7, Russian VimpelCom who boycotted Samsung products for more than one year announced to resell its products. MegaFon PJSC, the second biggest Russian operator expressed willingness to cooperate with Samsung as well.


VimpelCom announced on Tuesday that it would resell Samsung products again as this brand enjoys a great popularity among consumers. MegaFon PJSC, who also boycotted Samsung products last year, claimed it was negotiating with Samsung Electronics ando its cooperative manufacturers.

The boycott event started in May, 2015. Before that, Mobile TeleSystems PJSC, Russian biggest mobile operator, started selling Samsung products with lower prices as it could enjoy some discouts with great orders. Then VimpelCom stopped selling Samsung electronic products among 3,000 stores in Russia. MegaFon and Euroset joined the boycott then. Euroset is owned by VimpelCom and MegaFon.

However, Samsung develops faster. IDC reported that Samsung Electronics sold most devices in smartphone field and its revenue was larger than Apple’s. It revealed a statistics in March that the demand of Galaxy S7 was 80% higher than Galaxy S6. Under this situation, Mobile TeleSystems made an increase of 63% of smartphone sales in the first part of 2016.

VimpelCom, MegaFon and Euroset have over 10,000 stores in Russia. Euroset is not confirmed whether it will resell Samsung products.

IDC predicted that 26.6 million Samsung smartphones were sold in Russia last year, with a total value of $ 4.4 billion. It revealed Samsung smartphones accounted for 25% of all sold smartphones in Q1. Mobile TeleSystems is for VimpelCom’s decision.

August 4, 2016 IT News

A Simple Trick to Create A Website Shortcut on Mac


Have you ever thought of adding a website shortcut to the Dock on your Mac? It is a nice way to quickly visit your favorite website with one click. Usually you will access a website by launching Safari and clicking the bookmark in the Bookmark Bar. Once the URL shortcut is created, clicking on it will both launch the browser and load the site immediately. Sound faster & more convenient, right? Here’s how to make it work.

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July 27, 2016 Mac Tricks , , ,

IDC & Gartner: Mac Shipments Slump for Third Straight Quarter

Apple sold between 4.4 million and 4.6 million Mac in the second quarter, a year-over-year decline of between 5% and 8%, according to the two largest technology search firms.


Both IDC and Gartner pegged Mac global shipments in the quarter that ended June 30 at lower numbers than during the same period in 2015, even as those of several Windows PC makers increased. Historically, Apple has grown Mac Sales while the broader personal computer market has faced an unprecedented slump.  Continue reading →

July 15, 2016 IT News , , , ,
June 24, 2016 How-to-Guides ,

How to Use the Top Online Backup Services of 2016

What are the differences between Windows’ own backup service and those branded and non-branded online backup app in the market, and how might GUI, inbuilt features be weighted differently for each? We are sharing our observations. We are also here to help protect you from risky apps in the market. Hit here for more truly proactive security tips and suggestions.

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June 17, 2016 How-to-Guides

How Microsoft will put LindedIn to work in Office


Microsoft just acquired LinkedIn on Monday and it has a lot of modes to make full use of LinkedIn. For example, it could collect data through LinkedIn, explore the social networking market and innovate the recruitment and HR management.

Microsoft introduced how to apply LinkedIn data in those well-known software such as Outlook, Skype, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

It admitted that it is short of single data source concerning the professionals. It took much time to collect them and most of them were oudated.

LinkedIn has a huge networking system, including it obtained 433 million users. However, the scale of Office users is larger. Microsoft suggested that it obtain over 1.2 billion Office users. LindedIn will be a part of Office and explore its visibility at maximum.

LindedIn realized its data is important to email users that enhance its productivity. In 2012, LindedIn acquired Gmail plug-in Rapportive at $1.5 billion. This plug-in enables Gmail users to check the related profile info and social networking updates on the sidebar. Unfortunately, LinkedIn run out consumers interests in this product. Then it gave up a lot of Rapportive features.

The problem Rapportive and its rival brought was that it attempted to fullfil the blank by hacking. Users need to install extensions on browser which will change the interface style of Gmail plug-in and its displaying mode. When LinkedIn becomes a part of Office, those personal info could be shared to Office and other apps.

By putting LinkedIn to Office 365 and Dynamics, it could bring new experience for Microsoft, such as the experience of related LinkedIn feeds, communications with LinkedIn experts with the recommendation of Office based on the tasks they finished.

As far as PPT is concerned, with the help of LinkedIn profile, Microsoft Cortana could provide user the backgroup information for the conventioners at the meeting.

Microsoft implied that Linkedinlearning will be put to office as well. If users wish to learn how to complish advanced tasks, they could register class without leaving Office.

What’s more, Dynamics CRM plays an important role too. Sales Navigator will be put to Dynamics CRM.

June 15, 2016 IT News

How can Uninstall Popcorn Time on Mac Completely

uninstall popcorn time on Mac

Popcorn Time is a free Netflix that can be used to watch movies via streaming the torrented content, sometimes it would be an unwanted program on the Mac that many people people would like to remove it. And here are two available ways that enable you to uninstall Popcorn Time well. (More program removal guides like how to uninstall µTorrent, remove Avira Free Mac Security can be found at: Continue reading →

April 29, 2016 How-to-Guides , ,