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Google released Android Security Annual: Malicious apps are under 0.15%


It is reported that Google released its Android Security Annual report today. It concluded the situation of Android eco-system that protected by its service, partners and security community in the past year.

In 2015, among the apps which were downloaded from Google Play, the malicious apps only accounted for 0.15%. This number was almost even with the one that released in 2014.

Most of Android devices are preinstalled with Google Play that allows Android users to download and install apps from its app store. However, Google Play is not default app store or not preinstalled on some devices and in some markets, such as Kindle and Chinese market. Therefore, there will be more PHA on those devices and markets.

Google claimed that they has responsibility to protect the security for those who download apps out of Google Play.

Google admited that it improved the Verify Apps service to protect those Android users who download and install applications out of Google Play. The PHA increased that downloaded from other sources since 2015. Among all of the Android devices, there were about 0.5% of devices installed the PHA in 2015.

Google shared more details in this Android Security Annual report. In 2015, the firm checked over 6 billion installed apps .each day to identify the malware and PHA. It scanned 400 million devices to figure out the security threats based on netowrking and devices. It expanded the Safe Browsing service to Android Mobile Chrome browser to prevent the unsafe login.

It revealed the safety measures decreased about 40% of chance based on 2014 figure that Android users downloaded and installed the PHA from Google Play.

Google will continue to improve its Android security from other measures. It added a series of security features for Android Marshmallow and will do regular updates for this service each month.

April 20, 2016 IT News

How to uninstall games from Steam completely?


Steam is always pretty hot around the world because it is a platform that offers tons of games, including the most popular games recently like Grand Theft Auto V, Tom Clancy’s: The Division and a really hot one coming called The Black Soul 3. I logged in Steam days ago and I saw that Steam would be compatible with VR. Absolutely it would be hotter!

VR is short for virtual reality. It means you would have a real exciting experience in the game. Like you could really join a heist in the GTA5 or experience a bullet flying pass by your ear. Isn’t it dope?!

Anyway, you can find thousands of game on Stem, maybe you bought something turned out to be awful games you don’t want to see it any more or you got a game in your Steam library that you no longer play. And now there is a way to delete the dames in Steam permanently. Don’t want that game you hated to continue cluttering up your Steam library? You can now do away with it for good.

Here’s the instruction:

First, visit the Steam Support site, and log in. Click Games, Software, etc, then select the game you wan to remove.

Next, select “I want to permanently remove this game from my account”. Then follow the prompts, the target game would be no longer in you Steam.

Steam suggests that you delete the game from the Steam app before removing it from your account: If you don’t, you’ll have find the game on your hard drive and uninstall it manually. With that in mind, the first removal option is probably your best bet.

Anyway, if you never want to delete a game you spent money on, just hold yourself back a little and choose wisely in your cart. Or if you want to know more about uninstalling skills you can seek more information from our Think Tank.


April 12, 2016 Uncategorized

How to speed up your PC?


Have you ever wonder that why your computers become slower and slower?

As an addicted gamer, I really care about the performance of my computer. I never want to see my little character die in the very important moment of the heist in GTA5.

To speed up your computer, people always turn off some running system at the background. I can offer you the most common ways to speed up your system without compromising its appearance and functionality.

So, let’s begin. Here are some tips to speed up your computer.

1. Uninstall unnecessary programs and junk applications

You can scan your computer for unncessary programs and junk applications, including some bundle programs and pop-up advertisement. Then uninstall them one by one.

Here’s how: Tap on the Start button (by default all the way in the lower-left corner of the display), then on All apps at the bottom, and then simply right-click on the offender and choose Uninstall. This will immediately uninstall. You can also right-click on the Windows logo Start button, and choose the top choice Programs and Features. You can also simply type Programs in the Cortana Ask me anything box next to the Start button.

2. Limit Startup Processes

Many applications would start up themselves every time you start up your computer. Or some of them would run themselves at the background whenever you need them or not.

The easiest way to start the Windows Task Manager is by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc. Switch to the Startup tab, and you’ll see all the programs that load at Windows startup. The dialog box even has a column that shows you the Startup impact for each. The Status column shows whether the program is enabled to run at startup or not. You can right-click on any entry to change this status.

Above I’ve mentioned are the most common two ways to speed up your computers and both of them are free. It’s my hornor to help you out. If you have more better ways to solve this problem, please tell me:)

March 30, 2016 Uncategorized

What should I do if my Mac is running slowly?


What can you do if your Mac is running very slowly?

1. Your first port of call should be to access the Activity Monitor, which can be accessed by heading to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor in the Finder window.

Once opened, you should see five different tabs; CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk and Network. Continue reading →


How to avoid Internet pop-out advertisment?

pop out ads

No matter what you are doing, playing online games or watching a video, pop-out Internet advertisement pauses your video when the most wonderful part of the movie is just on or minimizes your online games windows when you are just about to pass your mission must be the last thing you want to see in the world. Today we will talk about how to avoid there darn pop-out Internet ads.

If you always see IE pop-out ads, that means your computer is probably infected by an adware or potentially unwanted programs. When you install an application, it may be bundled with some other programs, especially popularizing ones which are really anoying.

So, to avoid pop-out Internet ads, the first step is to be careful with the bundled programs when you install programs next time.

Second, find out the programs that cause pop-out ads and uninstall them.

The third, also is the most important step is to remove pop-out ads from the IE. It can directly prevent your IE from pop-out ads.

If you are using IE: Click on the “gear icon” in the upper right part of your browser, click on ”Internet Options”. And then click on the “Advanced” tab, at last click on the “Reset” button. select the “Delete personal settings” and click on “Reset” button in the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” section. Click “Close” until IE has completed the task.

If you are using Firefox: Click your Firefox menu button and click “Help”. Then choose “Troubleshooting Tool”. Click “Refresh Firefox” then Firefox itself would turn back to the default settings.

If you are using Google Chrome: Download a tool called “Chrome Cleanup Tool”, you just need to use this tool to scan suspicious information and refresh Google Chrome. Follow the instruction of the tool, it’s really easy for you to do.

If you still can’t solve the problem, Special Uninstaller can help you out, this program has a function called “Plug-in Cleaner”. It’s a one-step process to reset the browser, also easy to conduct.

Above are ways to avoid pop-out Internet advertisement, I hope I could help out:)


March 22, 2016 Computer Knowledge , ,

How to Manage your Phone Battery like a PRO?

If you are suffering from issues about your smartphone battery, this post is introducing some easy to follow tricks to help address your headache.

Generally speaking, a decrease in battery Life just depends on different conditions. Examples are, some travelers need to charge his or her smartphone every other day; some businessman would have to do so every other hour! Saving your phone’s batter life somehow is very important to help keep you online communication alive.

Continue reading →

March 8, 2016 How-to-Guides

How to Become A Windows 10 Power Searcher?

Are you frustrated by not getting the target item you think your simple query deserve? Search or dig around the file system? Well, one of the biggest challenges among new Windows 10 users could be landing on the right thing like app or system settings in no time. As of today, there is. There’re very easy-to-follow tricks, that will allow you to get what you need the efficient way. Find out how THEY work:

Learn How to Customize Your Own Windows 10 Simply

Below are some useful yet must-use options:

  • Saving the “This PC” icon on your desktop will allow you to access your local drives fast.
  • Creating the “Control Panel” icon on your display will also allow you to manage your installed programs with Control Panel. Moreover, implementing proactive security strategies will hugely help prevent adware, riskware, half-malware even stubborn malware infections. Take a closer look at the following terms & case studies: sponsorware/bloatware, downware/ drive-bys, fakealerts/ Ransomware.
  • Making the best of “Send xxx to the desktop” option will enable you to access the target like a pro. This would also help save your system drive space, as well.

How to Use Windows 10 Search Filters?

    • Hit your mouse into the search box.
    • Click on the ellipsis icon – this allows you to access four different options filter options to filter your results between Apps, Settings, Files, and the Web.

    • Then you can type in what you want to find after the colon. Example are, you can try out the following queries: apps: “app name”, settings: “name/project (* desktop, Control Panel, etc.)”, docs: “specific file”…etc.

Yet another kind reminder is that keep your Windows 10 up-to-date on the latest official features, and improvements so you can avoid some known app even system bugs, and keep your PC safer and running smoothly for yourself.

February 3, 2016 How-to-Guides

iPhone 5se could not solve the problem of Apple sales growth

Apple first quarterly report is releasing soon. Its profit might reach a new record. Its first quarterly report of 2015 increased 37% (YOY). Some analysts feel its growth rate might just increase 1% (YOY) for the first quarterly report of 2016.


The 4-inch iPhone 5se will apply the 2.5D glass, A8+M8 processor, add the NFC feature for Apple Pay. It continues to use the application that iPhone 6s uses, such as Bluetooth 4.2, VolTE and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

iPhone made a great success since its release. Its sales grew fast in the past few years. However, Apple also meets difficulties for sales substainable growth as there are fewer hightlights for its new series.

Apple launched Apple Watch, Apple Pay to explore the new field and promote its iPhone. The sales for Apple Watch doesn’t seem positive. Apple Pay has great potentiality to develop in financial industry. However, there are still difficulties for Apple Pay to go through.

Go back to the topic of iPhone 5se, it is set to replace iPhone 5s. It applies with advancer configuration, so its selling price won’t be under iPhone 5s. The current official selling price for iPhone 5s is more than 3,000 yuan. Apple still hopes to sell more iPhone in the same market instead of exploring new market.

Users might feel uncomfortable to use 4-inch screen iPhone since they are customed to use bigger screen. iPhone 5se might has less attraction in comparison with iPhone 6S, or even with iPhone 5s.

It might be more important for Apple to attract more Android users that offers iPhone costs about 2,000 yuan. They might wish to use iOS system but won’t spend another3,000 to 5,000 yuan to experience. iPhone 5se is still beyond their financial budget.

Therefore, it seems hard for iPhone 5se to improve Apple sales volume. It could be possible if Apple provides cheaper iPhone in the future.

January 27, 2016 IT News

Faced with tech changes, retailers eye the need for innovation


Since retailers – even major ones – tend not to spend money on research and development, many need guidance to keep up with the changes technology is bringing to the industry.

What need, according to IBM, is Innovation as a Service.

Of course, IT and business leaders have heard of Software program as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. But Innovation as a Service? Continue reading →

January 19, 2016 IT News , , ,

99Designs Review by

Largest graphic designs at best price!

If you would like to get access to world’s largest graphic designs at one place, you should go through the 99Designs. There was a friendly competition among a group of designers. It was shaped into a unique marketplace as there was large scale participation. The connections among designers enhanced and at the moment it boasts more than 950,000 members. Here, designers and businesses will collaborate to produce the best so that they will be able to make the most of the time, effort and money.

Continue reading →

January 8, 2016 Shopping Tips