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Say Hello to Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, Your Top-level Safeguard to Stop Malware

So happy to see this 2016 build of Kaspersky Internet Security updated recently. And for experienced malware fans and/or programmers, you can also tour this link (* devbuilds @ Kaspersky website) for a quick overview or further study of the 2016 product line.

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October 18, 2015 IT News

VPN 0x800b0109 Error Troubleshooting (Free Demo)

VPN 0x800b0109 Error Troubleshooting (Free Demo)

This article provides a hands-on introduction to the fixing issue of unable to connect to VPN server because of the mentioned 0x800b0109 error. In the meantime, this page has almost everything you need to open those blocked websites. Learn more.

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October 14, 2015 How-to-Guides

How to Backup Your Mac with Time Machine?

Backup Mac with Time Machine

– Go to Application folder > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
– Select the Disk Usage tab and find out the size of your hard drive.
– Plug the external hard drive (bigger than the target hard disk) into your Mac.

– Go to Application folder > Utilities > Disk Utility.
– Select the external hard drive on the left and then click the Erase tab.
– Make sure the format of this disk is Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
– Type in a name for your backup and press the Erase button to format this disk.

– Go to System Preferences (in the Apple menu) and click on Time Machine.
– Click on Select Backup Disk...
– Select the destination disk in the list and click on Use for Backup….
– Slide the Time machine slider to On.

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October 7, 2015 How-to-Guides , ,

How to Encrypt & Decrypt a File/Folder in Windows 10?


First of all, use your account to log in Win 10. Right-click on the file/folder you want to encrypt and then click Properties. Click the General tab and then Advanced. Select the Encrypt contents to secure data check box, click OK, and then click Apply. Choose Encrypt the file and the parent folder or Encrypt the file only, click OK and then OK again. After these steps, the file/folder should be encrypted.

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September 25, 2015 How-to-Guides ,

Way to Successful Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, affiliate marketing has gradually become one of the most popular choices of job among the young. So many people have tried it like what others have done. In reality, not all people reach the success. Therefore, there is coming plenty of discussions on how to reach a successful affiliate marketing. Some experience from the people who have done before may be helpful for the freshmen, more or less. After all, once starting affiliate marketing, there will be dozens of different things simultaneously throughout most of the day. So, now, here are some ideas of the way to successful affiliate marketing.

In the first beginning, it is essential to know something about affiliate marketing. It is a special kind of marketing which operates all on the Internet. To be praised, affiliate marketing acts an effective way to take a full advantage of those private online space, like blog or website. In other words, affiliate marketing is to make the personal sites monetize. Advertisers also rent their sites to put some ads which is used to enlarge brand effect and promotion. It is not difficult to see that there becomes a win-win situation between advertisers and websites owners.

Next, it is the time organization. It includes two different situations. Because some people treat it as a part-time job only to earn some extra cash. In the other face, people put their all mind in it, as a full-time job. Obviously, there are different time organizations between these two. It will take some extra time each week or night depending on how long you want to schedule out for, for part-time affiliates. For full-time affiliates, you should know what time to do what kind of thing. A scheduled time makes success much easier. And yes, you’ re probably going to have to remain flexible due to the wonderful thing we all know. It will keep you working and in-the-moment and you’ll no doubt be more productive than you have ever been before. Still one has to be mentioned, if people have a job before affiliate marketing, it is cautious to quit it and be a full-time affiliate unless you have a surely decision.

As mentioned above, in conclusion, to reach a successful affiliate marketing, there is essential for full knowledge of affiliate marketing and some necessary mental preparation. Why it, affiliate marketing seems so complicated to get it stared? According to its difference from original marketing and any job before, the more preparation, the easier you feel when you confront with the new situation. For example, working from home, setting your own hours and earning an insane amount of cash, it is absolutely different from the original working mode. To face it, it will call for the self-disciplined affiliates to make a good use of the flexible time. Anyway, there will be amounts of the ways to get it successful. Just take it easy and have a try following some of instructions. By the way, here a reliable partner for no matter the freshmen or experienced affiliates, Offerde. Good luck to the all.

August 30, 2015 Internet Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, An Effective Way to Make Good Use of Website

Nowadays, without any exaggeration, people can not live a life without the Internet. Mostly, people get contact to the Internet through various websites. Therefore, more and more people gradually owns their personal website, or blog. With it, there are many benefits. One reason, it is a platform for others to know you more on the Internet which you could set special authority to prevent some others you don’t want to share. A website, before meeting in real life, it is visiting card for the first impression.

Another one, is its financial value which can help people to make some money online. There are plenty of available methods to realize, like affiliate marketing, online direct selling, online service and so on. What the first essential factor to for people to make money online is owning a private website. With it, no matter the links, images or any promotion way for advertisers’ product, you could design to insert them in your home page. If people choose to provide online service with others, website would be especially significant. Only by the site, the service can works to consumers. Today, what we discuss is affiliate marketing, an effective way to make good use of website.

In the first place, affiliate marketing, is an emerging way for people to make their personal sites monetize, no matter websites or blog. Initially, it is just a revenue sharing plan that webmaster can get profits from inserting the advertisement button or banner into the website page. Gradually, it has become a more systematic commercial mode, which owns clear divisions of work and parts. So more and more people are willing to join this industry, as affiliates or advertisers. Especially, within those recent years, financial crisis, most advertisers have found that affiliate marketing is a suitable way to cut their promotion cost but strength. They need a lot affiliate partners to join affiliate marketing to help them promote products. That is why affiliate marketing develops as a high speed.

Affiliate marketing, in a simple word, consists of advertisers, webmasters, and affiliate programs. One has to be mentioned, as such a large amount of advertisers, there is a useful partners taking up, affiliate network. Affiliate network, seems like a platform to help webmasters collect many of commercial information. It is a significant linking point between advertisers and website owners. Inevitably, affiliate program is also very important, which would be an direct effect on revenue after all.

As mentioned above, people may have a general idea of affiliate marketing. Before getting into the industry, you should be a lot of knowing. There is a recommendation for freshmen to know affiliate marketing well, Offerde, and also is a good choice for people to choose. In a word, getting the truth can only through practicing. Just take it easy to have a try. Affiliate marketing is friendly to welcome all of you.

August 16, 2015 Internet Marketing

Samsung increases investment for Vietnam’s screen production

samsung display

In July 2014 Samsung Display Co Ltd invested $1 billion to set up a display manufacturing plant in Vietnam. This plant, built in Bac Ninh province, is planned to provide high resolution and flexible displays for smartphones and tablets. Now according to Reuters’ report, Samsung has been licensed to invest extra $3 billion in Vietnam to boost display module production capacity.

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August 7, 2015 IT News , ,

How to remove Bizrate from computer

There are moethods to remove Bizrate from computer. Usually, you can remove
programs and unwanted softwares from windows by using the function of Programs and
Features. If you have installed professional tool like max uninstaller, you can
make a full scan and remove the selected programs with your need on the pc.

Uninstall Bizrate in Porgrams and Features

1> Press ” Windows” to open the Start Screen. Enter”Programs and Features” in the
blank> select “Settings”> “Programs and Features”. Or you can open the icon of ” My
computer” to go through ” Programs and Features”.

2> A window prompts when you click “Programs and Features”. Scroll down the list
and select Bizrate program and leftovers to delete.

3> Select “Uninstall” or ” Uninstall/ Change” from the toolbar. Or you can right
click Bizrate app in the list and then click “Uninstall” or ” Uninstall /Change”.
Normally, there is a message prompts to guide you to uninstall the program. When
uninstalling some other programs, there is popping up its a website to leave your
comments for the programs that stating why you want to uninstall the programs.

You could restart your computer when you have the uninstallation done. If you have
more then more programs to remove, please follow the above steps to delete them.

Uninstalling Bizrate with Max Uninstaller

1> Update your Max Uninstaller to the latest version. Launch Max Uninstaller and
select the programs you want to analyze and then click ” Run analysis “on the left
bottom of the main interface.

2> Scan the selected Bizrate with Max Uninstaller and click the “Complete
Uninstall” button on the left bottom of the main interface.

3> Click “Delete leftovers” button to finish the process.

It is adviced that you exit the Bizrate program while scanning and uninstalling
it.After your delete the program, you’d better to restart the Max Uninstaller and
scan all the programs again to confimr the uninstallation of Bizrate.

In addition to the above two methods, you can reset your web browser’s setting and
restore the changes that may cause by the malware on your computer by apply the ”
Internet Options” dialog. Thanks for reading.

August 4, 2015 PC how-to

Make Profits Online with Affiliate Marketing

In recent time, it is easy to see more and more people own their private websites. However, most of them just use the website to be a social communication tool which is to record the daily life and mood to share with others all around the world. Now, here is a new way to be available for website owners to take full advantage of their sites. Especially, it can realize the financial value of them which it is workable to run the website with affiliate marketing. Making profits online with affiliate marketing have gradually becoming a acceptable business mode in daily life.

Affiliate marketing, in brief, is that, people get money from affiliate offers with their website. Also, affiliate offer mainly stands for CPA offer. CPA is the abbreviation of Cost Per Action, including such models as CPL and CPS, which means someone is paid for an action from a lead. Joining CPA network, means to become advertisers affiliate partner. In other hands, it also means you sales your online space to advertisers to promote their products and enlarge their brand effect instead of selling the real product. In a degree, to be an affiliate member, is to act as an advertiser.

For getting started to affiliate marketing, besides an existing website, there are lots of thing that people have to be focused on. To do a market research is essential, finding what people need most or purchase most. It will be a clear target for you to work. Then, after choosing the sector, it is significant to select the brand, your affiliate partner. A suitable affiliate partner must run the business under the rules and pay for the lead as agreement. It would be better to pay as a high rate of return and instant commission. One have to mention, people do the online business as affiliate marketing, who should join one or some affiliate network to be affiliate member.

Mostly, people intend to join as the affiliate member. Because almost every affiliate network will releases some of the exclusive affiliate offers to their members. In addition, as special affiliate member, there is a chance for you to experience the service or assistance from affiliate managers. Then, what you should do is to follow the offers’ instructions as required and design your website to fit the offer. And you have started your online business with affiliate offers. By the way, Offerde can be your reliable affiliate partner.

No matter from any aspect to see, the online business with affiliate marketing is worth trying. This new style of earning should be encouraged, as for its convenient and energy saving. In general, people who have a try with affiliate marketing, have few failure as they prepare well and do it carefully at first. In honest, making money with affiliate marketing is not easy as imaging. But just feel free to start it step by step. It will be a beneficial and valuable job you have never experienced before. Good luck!

July 26, 2015 Uncategorized

Start Online Business with Affiliate Offer

In recent time, more and more people are willing to have their own business. To start their own business, they will not only have more flexible time to work, but also earn more money. Of course, somebody chooses to start a business in their spare time to make extra money. They just want to make more cash. Besides to start a traditional business as before to sale in the real market, most people indicates to get started to an online business. With an online business, there also are several choices, if people do not want to direct sale. It is advisable to start the online business with affiliate offer, the emerging business in the Internet, a favorable choice for who wants to try online business.

As a new thing coming in our eyes, there should be a brief introduction of affiliate marketing. In one hand, affiliate marketing includes online companies, big or small, and bloggers or websites owners. In a word, those companies want to largely promote their brand in the Internet, so they are willing to buy those online space to display their advertisements to promote. The bloggers and websites owners just sale their space instead of real product. All those business would be made in a platform, affiliate network. The companies, will release their special affiliate offers or affiliate programs. Affiliate offer, also called CPA offer, is the abbreviation of “Cost Per Action”. It means that people would be paid for every effective action as lead request. On the other hand, people who have already owned website or blog wants to make the existing sites monetize, making profits.

If you are a stranger to online business, you would better to be much more careful to select your first affiliate partner. A suitable affiliate partner, it should run its business under the law initially. It will be the guarantee of the payment and terms. What’s more, with a good affiliate partner, website owners will get lots of various affiliate offers. In addition, high return rate and instant commission are inevitable. Profit may be the most significant element in a business in some degree. To be a freshman, after you have found a suitable affiliate partner, it is good for you to join their affiliate program as an affiliate member. One, to be an affiliate member of some company or network is so easy, only several steps. The other, most significant, most affiliate networks would provide the exclusive affiliate offer just for their members. So do not miss the opportunity to get the special offer.

In conclusion, to start an online business is not so difficult, even for the freshman. What it needs is just to search for the good partner. Offerde, may be an excellent choice for the new who has no idea how to find a suitable affiliate partner. Only if you are cautious to it, affiliate marketing is a good business program, no matter full-time or part-time mode. If there is interested in affiliate marketing, just feel free to have a try. Good luck!

July 3, 2015 Uncategorized