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How to Manage your Phone Battery like a PRO?

If you are suffering from issues about your smartphone battery, this post is introducing some easy to follow tricks to help address your headache.

Generally speaking, a decrease in battery Life just depends on different conditions. Examples are, some travelers need to charge his or her smartphone every other day; some businessman would have to do so every other hour! Saving your phone’s batter life somehow is very important to help keep you online communication alive.

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March 8, 2016 How-to-Guides

How to Become A Windows 10 Power Searcher?

Are you frustrated by not getting the target item you think your simple query deserve? Search or dig around the file system? Well, one of the biggest challenges among new Windows 10 users could be landing on the right thing like app or system settings in no time. As of today, there is. There’re very easy-to-follow tricks, that will allow you to get what you need the efficient way. Find out how THEY work:

Learn How to Customize Your Own Windows 10 Simply

Below are some useful yet must-use options:

  • Saving the “This PC” icon on your desktop will allow you to access your local drives fast.
  • Creating the “Control Panel” icon on your display will also allow you to manage your installed programs with Control Panel. Moreover, implementing proactive security strategies will hugely help prevent adware, riskware, half-malware even stubborn malware infections. Take a closer look at the following terms & case studies: sponsorware/bloatware, downware/ drive-bys, fakealerts/ Ransomware.
  • Making the best of “Send xxx to the desktop” option will enable you to access the target like a pro. This would also help save your system drive space, as well.

How to Use Windows 10 Search Filters?

    • Hit your mouse into the search box.
    • Click on the ellipsis icon – this allows you to access four different options filter options to filter your results between Apps, Settings, Files, and the Web.

    • Then you can type in what you want to find after the colon. Example are, you can try out the following queries: apps: “app name”, settings: “name/project (* desktop, Control Panel, etc.)”, docs: “specific file”…etc.

Yet another kind reminder is that keep your Windows 10 up-to-date on the latest official features, and improvements so you can avoid some known app even system bugs, and keep your PC safer and running smoothly for yourself.

February 3, 2016 How-to-Guides

iPhone 5se could not solve the problem of Apple sales growth

Apple first quarterly report is releasing soon. Its profit might reach a new record. Its first quarterly report of 2015 increased 37% (YOY). Some analysts feel its growth rate might just increase 1% (YOY) for the first quarterly report of 2016.


The 4-inch iPhone 5se will apply the 2.5D glass, A8+M8 processor, add the NFC feature for Apple Pay. It continues to use the application that iPhone 6s uses, such as Bluetooth 4.2, VolTE and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

iPhone made a great success since its release. Its sales grew fast in the past few years. However, Apple also meets difficulties for sales substainable growth as there are fewer hightlights for its new series.

Apple launched Apple Watch, Apple Pay to explore the new field and promote its iPhone. The sales for Apple Watch doesn’t seem positive. Apple Pay has great potentiality to develop in financial industry. However, there are still difficulties for Apple Pay to go through.

Go back to the topic of iPhone 5se, it is set to replace iPhone 5s. It applies with advancer configuration, so its selling price won’t be under iPhone 5s. The current official selling price for iPhone 5s is more than 3,000 yuan. Apple still hopes to sell more iPhone in the same market instead of exploring new market.

Users might feel uncomfortable to use 4-inch screen iPhone since they are customed to use bigger screen. iPhone 5se might has less attraction in comparison with iPhone 6S, or even with iPhone 5s.

It might be more important for Apple to attract more Android users that offers iPhone costs about 2,000 yuan. They might wish to use iOS system but won’t spend another3,000 to 5,000 yuan to experience. iPhone 5se is still beyond their financial budget.

Therefore, it seems hard for iPhone 5se to improve Apple sales volume. It could be possible if Apple provides cheaper iPhone in the future.

January 27, 2016 IT News

Faced with tech changes, retailers eye the need for innovation


Since retailers – even major ones – tend not to spend money on research and development, many need guidance to keep up with the changes technology is bringing to the industry.

What need, according to IBM, is Innovation as a Service.

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January 19, 2016 IT News , , ,

99Designs Review by

Largest graphic designs at best price!

If you would like to get access to world’s largest graphic designs at one place, you should go through the 99Designs. There was a friendly competition among a group of designers. It was shaped into a unique marketplace as there was large scale participation. The connections among designers enhanced and at the moment it boasts more than 950,000 members. Here, designers and businesses will collaborate to produce the best so that they will be able to make the most of the time, effort and money.

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January 8, 2016 Shopping Tips

It is time to update your Internet Explorer and ditch IE 8, 9 or 10.

How long have you used Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10 on your computer? Have you ever thought about abandoning these ole versions of Internet Explorer? If you are the user of any version of them, you’d better upgrade your explorer as soon as possible. It is said that Microsoft will give up Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, and no more supports for these versions starting next week. If you are still using any of these outdated versions, it is time to ditch.

According to resources online, Microsoft is gonna end support for Internet Explorer 8 to 10 on 12th January this year. Once the explorer lost the support, it will be vulnerable and these three versions of browsers will no longer receive bug fixes and security updates, which makes your browser easy to attack. Considering the security of yourself, you may need to uninstall the useless App and get the latest one.

Microsoft has been working on ending service for these outdated browsers since last year. Yet considering the huge users who are using the ole versions, the company didn’t make a clear deadline before. However, now Microsoft has released more browsers like IE 11 and the Windows 10 browser, Edge, it is naturally to stop supporting the old ones and lead more users to the new browsers.

New things replace the old ones, which may be inevitable in the technology field. Even thought there are a large number of users who used to run the outdated browsers, Microsoft announced that its Windows 10 is really a huge hit, and already enjoy 200 million devices that are running Windows 10 around the world, that might also show the new browser of Windows 10 enjoying great popularity on these 200 million active devices. To keep up with the trend, you may need to ditch the old browsers and get a new one to make sure your security is guaranteed.

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January 7, 2016 IT News

When artificial intelligence penetrated into all aspects of our daily life


When I was bored, I would have a special date with Debby, chat with him and laugh when he responded to me with something related or irrelevant. Well, I guess many people who have an iPhone usually do the same thing with their own “Debby”. Yeah, actually Debby is not a human, but Siri on my phone, a virtual assistant for iPhone users that can serve as a chat bot in different languages. Sometimes I think it fun to have a special chat with Siri, but sometimes it does expose something for thought, what life will be when our life is filled with such artificial intelligent chat bots?

Yet it came out that what I was thinking is not really unnecessary. It is not hard to find out the upcoming trend of A.I chat bots, or the messaging-based App, and what so-called virtual assistant, chat-based A.I and more.

Source showed that Facebook launched a new service “M”on its mobile Messenger App, which is designed to do things for users even not perfect now. To fulfill various needs of people, the enthusiast for virtual assistant like Facebook are working hard to creating a chat bot that plays like a human-like role in our lives.

It happens that there is a similar case. Google has been working on a messaging-based chat bot for a year according to the Wall Street Journal. Google’s production allows people to send message to it and get answers back with the form of messages. Even the big questions like “what is the meaning of life”can be answered by the A. I chat bot created by Google.

Xiaolce of Microsoft also applied A.I and serves as an virtual assistant, which has been developing in China and in Chinese version. It is reported to be used by some 40 million people on smartphones. Unlike Google’s research project, Xiaolce will give the corresponding answers for people based on the social media.

Here is a prediction by Gartner, “By the end of 2016, two-thirds of consumers in the mature market will regularly use virtual assistants in their daily life.” Let’s imagine a life when you take orders via a virtual assistant, shopping online with it. Maybe you can uninstall unwanted Apps on your Mac or phone, or even some day, you can just tell your Mac to uninstall Flip4Mac and some other stubborn Apps and the work will done for you automatically. But things can go like this, Friends might enjoy the chat with their virtual assistant but no a word with you. Children will talk much with a toy that can answer but little word with you.

Artificial intelligence has become a research trend, and with the high-tech used in our daily life, you may see the visible gap between people.  So it is hard to say whether it is good to see the growing of such high tech. It can brings you benefits and also cause problems.

December 29, 2015 IT News

Install Windows 10 on Mac OS X Using Boot Camp


Boot Camp is a multi boot utility included with Apple Inc.’s OS X that assists users in installing Microsoft Windows operating systems on Intel-based Macintosh computers. By using the built-in Boot Camp Assistant, Mac Users can install Windows on a separate partition of their hard drive and then reboot their machines to switch between OS X and Windows. Since Microsoft has launched the new Windows 10 OS, how about installing Win 10 on your MacBook, MacBook Air/Pro or iMac?

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December 10, 2015 How-to-Guides , , ,

Specific Performance Speed of Each MacBook


How fast is MacBook Air? The MacBook Air is really capable of handling everyday tasks, such as sending and receiving email, browsing the Web, and using office applications. You can even use it for editing short videos, or for working with JPEGs from your iPhone or point-and-shoot camera.

The MacBook Air’s flash storage really helps the performance. For example, the MacBook Air outperforms the 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro, which adopts a hard drive (solid-state drives for the 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro are available for an additional cost). Continue reading →

November 26, 2015 Computer Knowledge , ,

Affiliate Marketing, Why Not Get It Started?

Come on! Here are a worthy project to be seriously introduced! Do you have at least one personal blog or website? Do you have such a piece of idea that you are willing to make some profits from the existing website? Are you interested in running your own business online? Most people have the similar thought and they are surprise to find that there is a brand new industry suitable for their need. If someone shows that he do not know affiliate marketing, maybe others would think that person is a little out of style. For people who intend to make some extra money online, in sort, affiliate marketing is worth to trying. Come on to join affiliate marketing now!

As we all know, affiliate marketing is a little younger in the marketing industry, however it is in a surging development trend to upgrade. A brief introduction to affiliate marketing is that it mainly includes affiliate network, affiliate offer and affiliate member. Of course, it is just a general classification which is just easy for the freshmen to understand. The most frequent relationship is that people join some affiliate network to be affiliate members and get affiliate offer to earn cash online. However, there are some people choose not to join as affiliate member. They make profits online from some websites projects directly. For freshmen, it is advisable to follow that general instruction to make it easier to get adapted.

Affiliate network, acts like a platform in the industry. In the first place, people are easy to find offers. Network will collect series of offers from many brands need promoting, mostly for its affiliate member. Every affiliate network would think out different tip to attract people to join, high commission, systematic management, considerate service and so on. One of the most significant reasons why people choose the affiliate network is that if the commission is satisfying or not. Commission is no doubt that a direct profit people can get through their effort. And then, some affiliate networks release high referral rate or low minimum payment to make them different from other networks. People must find a suitable network to join if they want more profits. There is an recommendation for the freshmen of affiliate marketing, Offerde, which can be the good partner to cooperate with.

Inevitably, affiliate offer is called as the linking point between affiliate network and member. With offer from network, people can make profits through traffic or direct sale which is decide by respective rule. There are many kinds of affiliate offers for affiliate member to select by interest or payment as they like. People as the affiliate member, they can be advertisers who is to enlarge the brand effect through affiliate marketing promotion. They also want to cut some cost of traditional promotion by TV or other media. In a word, those offers come from advertisers. The other role in affiliate member is publishers, the bigger part of the affiliates. Those people, as mentioned before, own the online resource, some leisure time and interest to make it monetize. Then they get offers from the network and act as request to make money online. So come on to have a try and learn from the practice.

November 13, 2015 Internet Marketing